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Our most valuable assets are our employees. We help our clients achieve a competitive advantage through our 'key' resources - who can be 'Hired', Trained and Retained, to achieve a competitive edge in the marketplace.
Our key motto is "Today’s talent. Tomorrow’s success".

Who We Are

Our core division is 'Taurus' that focuses only on: Client Staffing & Placements with talent that surpass and exceed all expectations; who hit the ground running and are extremely versatile in learning the nuances of your business.

This division as a key staffing & employment division helping businesses hire great contractors or employees, allowing them to stay focused on their core business which ensures business continuity. Keeping staff and talent motivated and driven to excellence requires a well-crafted mission statement. This management strategy includes the acquisition and management of a mobile workforce that is project-focused and scalable, keeping costs low and profits maximized.
Incorporating our proprietary - "Just-in-time-saves-9" staffing strategy.

Our Partners

We are currently only working with a single partner & fulfilling all their requirements, which is a truck load.
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